Smorgon Dairy Products Work on the construction Smorgon skimmed milk were launched in April 1973, the period of the input capacity of the plant was carried out in December 1975. The actual construction of the plant lasted 32 months. In 1975, the main production plant consisted of three departments: whole […]

Сморгонские молочные продукты

Сморгонский молокозавод
10/21/2016. the official opening of a new section of milk condensation took place. At the enterprise “Smorgon dairy products” of the OJSC “Lida Milk Plant” the investment project “Reconstruction of milk thickening section” was completed. The equipment of the vacuum evaporator MVR-ML- P 114 2297 film type with mechanical compression […]

Opening of the site of condensation of milk

During the implementation of the investment project "Reconstruction of condensed milk" in the enterprise, "Smorgon dairy products" branch of OJSC "Lida Milk Plant" in March 2016 made the installation of basic equipment vacuum evaporator film type with mechanical vapor compression MVR. Installation was carried out under the supervision of representatives […]

Reconstruction of condensed milk

December 1, 2015 was held an information day and public action in the enterprise , " Smorgon milk products " on World AIDS Day . The purpose of the event - to raise awareness about HIV and AIDS , as well as to support the millions who are affected by […]

World AIDS Day

November 20, 2015 a solemn meeting dated to "Day of agriculture and processing industry of the agroindustrial complex." Presentation of certificates and letters of appreciation . Entering on the honor roll of the foremost companies.

Day agriculture

“Smorgon milk products” branch of OJSC “Lida Milk Plant” – a successful company specializing in the production of skimmed milk powder, butter, cheese and ice cream. A distinctive feature of all products is high quality. We managed to achieve this thanks to strict quality control of the supplied raw materials […]

The new equipment and modernization

   From time immemorial dairy products are known for their beneficial properties for the human body and has long been used to treat a variety of ailments as in folk and traditional medicine. To date, the range of dairy products is so varied that not everyone is familiar with the […]

Milk and cheese – the guarantee of health

Enterprise “Smorgon milk products” in order to eliminate the open process of production of cheese in 2006 launched an automated production line for cheese company «TEWES-BIS». Polish line productivity 5 tons of cheese a day will not only improve the quality of the finished product, but also significantly reduce energy […]

Line for production of cheese

In order to reduce energy costs in 2008, the company “Smorgon Dairy Products” was built and launched gas boiler. The new boiler installed two steam boilers LOOS-UNIVERSAL 7000, the performance of each of them – 8 tons of steam per hour. Just boiler is equipped with modern water treatment. Own […]

Built and launched gas boiler

Initial processing of milk – a very important process for any enterprise engaged in the processing and production of dairy products. That initial processing allows you to get good-quality milk with high nutritional, biological and hygienic properties corresponding to the high quality standards adopted in Belarus. Initial processing of milk […]

Milk processing